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Religion and ethics

NSW public schools offer special religious education and special education in ethics, delivered by approved providers wherever available.

THLHS Information about Special Religious Education (SRE)

At The Henry Lawson High School, SRE is delivered on Wednesdays for Years 7 to 10. Classes participating will receive 55 minutes SRE instruction between 9:15 am and 1:07 pm.

At the beginning of the school year, parents/carers are given the SRE participation letter to complete and return.

SRE classes are offered under an arrangement with GRACE (GRenfell Association for Christian Education) Inc.

GRACE Inc. represents the following churches: Grenfell Presbyterian Church, Grenfell Uniting Church, Grenfell Family Church and the Holy Trinity Anglican Church.

During the time that SRE classes are being held, students not attending will be located in a separate space and will participate in meaningful activities such as reading, private study or completing homework.

Students continue with the same arrangements each year, unless a parent/caregiver has requested a change. At any time, you may change your child’s SRE nomination or withdraw your child from the SRE program. This change should be communicated to the Principal, in writing.

During enrolment, you can choose a special religious education option for your child from the school’s available approved providers. You can withdraw your child from special religious education by selecting alternative meaningful activities, or special education in ethics if it’s available.

You can update your preference by writing to the school or through the online form available at participating schools.
Visit the department’s website for more information about religion and ethics.