The Henry Lawson High School

Challenge, Encourage, Achieve

Telephone02 6343 1390

School Code of Conduct

All members of the school have a right:

  • To be safe.
  • To be treated with courtesy.
  • To be treated fairly.
  • To be treated with respect.
  • To learn in a supportive, cooperative and inclusive environment.

All students of our school have a responsibility:

  • To apply themselves to learning and participating in school activities.
  • To be on time and prepared for school and class.
  • To abide by the school dress code.
  • To follow reasonable instructions given by a teacher or other persons in authority.
  • To give respect, encouragement and courtesy to students, teachers and community members.
  • To respect the property of others.
  • To use all technology appropriately and ethically.
  • To prevent violence, discrimination, harassment, or bullying and resolve conflicts peacefully
  • To not have illegal drugs, alcohol, weapons or other banned material.
  • To always act safely.

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